Jesse Cole A Customer Experience that Stands Out | Ep. 241

Jesse Cole

Jesse Cole teaches fellow entrepreneurs how to rise above the noise and succeed. His baseball team, The Savannah Bananas, has sold out 32 straight games. Today, he imparts the things he’s learned with his book Find Your Yellow Tux.

“You can have the greatest business model in the world, but if no one sees or hears or knows what you’re doing, good luck! And, that’s what happened to us.” – Jesse Cole

Doing Business Differently

Jesse Cole A Customer Experience that Stands Out | Ep. 241Jesse is fascinated by those who do business differently. If you haven’t seen Jesse yet or have not heard about him before, he easily stands out from the crowd because of his yellow tuxedo. He has 7 of them and wears them all the time.

“Find your yellow tux — what makes you different, what makes you stand out; it’s the best version of yourself.” – Jesse Cole

Unparalleled Customer Experience

Jesse transformed the way people enjoy baseball. He and his team turned baseball into a non-stop fun.

During their games, one may see someone dancing with Justin Timberlake songs in the middle of the game or doing other things. They stand out through experience.

Attention, Not Marketing

Many people may try to fit in instead of being their actual selves. Jesse loves to go against the conventional tide and follow the extraordinary path.

“Attention beats marketing 1000% of the time. If you are not creating some attention with what you are doing, you don’t have the people’s eyes and ears.” – Jesse Cole

When they came up with the book, they did a world book tour but not in the same way expected. They went to Epcot instead and had a book tour in every country available.

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