Josh Haynam

Josh Haynam co-founded Interact Quiz Builder. His software facilitates personal conversations between companies and consumers.

“Every person who takes one of these quizzes is getting a unique experience that’s tailored to them as an individual.” – Josh Haynam

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Josh always had the entrepreneurial bug. He started his own company at the young age of 15 and later co-founded Interact, a software that generates new leads for businesses. They have been in the industry for five years now.

How Interact Works

The answers retrieved from the quizzes are filtered down. The results may come in a variety of formats.

“We use data from all of the customers to create quizzes that are already done for you and you can change them to be your own.” – Josh Haynam

On the results page, businesses may recommend products and services. They may also send newsletters if they asked for their customer’s email address.

Interact Quiz Builder comes with a variety of templates that are suitable for 60 types of industry.

Get Higher Conversion Rates

Josh and his business partner used to do full-service web services. They saw, that despite their efforts, their clients only wanted to know how many leads they already have.

“We spend so much time and effort building websites and the only goal was converting people into contacts.” – Josh Haynam on realizing what worked for their clients

It was not until one of their clients asked them to create a quiz for him. The results were mind-blowing. They found that websites only converted 1%, whereas the quizzes converted 75%.

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