Patrick Briggs

Patrick Briggs is a battle-tested marketer. He’s an expert on consumer-focused programs, financial planning, strategy, and assembling nimble teams to improve business culture.

“Our products help improve blood flow, productivity and the ability to work smarter.” – Patrick Briggs on

Working with Autonomous

194 Patrick Briggs Successful Marketing Growth Cultures and HacksAfter working for a successful startup, Patrick moved with his wife to New York where he landed a job at Autonomous. They specialize in creating smart office equipment.

“The smart desk is powered with shortcuts. It takes the daily tasks that you have to do to survive or to be comfortable in the office.” – Patrick Briggs

They offer a variety of products. Among which are ergonomic chairs, tables, and standing desks.

Smart Office Equipment

Autonomous is more than just creating office equipment. They have the desire to make the work-life role easier. Through their products, people are able to perform better on their office tasks.

“Studies have shown that it is really about the movement.” – Patrick Briggs on wellness

194 Patrick Briggs Successful Marketing Growth Cultures and Hacks

Wellness at Work

Patrick discusses the many benefits of using their smart equipment. More than the ability to stand or change position, they help circulate the blood. They also help a person become more aware of his tasks.

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