Logan Tyler Nelson How to Get Unstuck from Failure | Ep. 222

Logan Tyler Nelson

Logan Tyler Nelson is a podcasting coach who wants you to share your voice with the world. He is the host of the podcast Scratch Your Own Itch and wants those business owners who are dealing with depression, anxiety or ADHD to share those struggles with others to help them.

“You matter and you are enough.” – Logan Tyler Nelson

Fear of Failure

Logan Tyler Nelson How to Get Unstuck from Failure | Ep. 222Logan studied acting for about 8 and a half years. He obsessed over it and poured his heart to it. It was not until his graduation when fear crept in.

“I don’t want to be another story of a has been. I don’t want to be another story of a person that tried and failed.” – Logan Tyler Nelson

He became afraid of what other people would think of him. He no longer knew what he wanted to do anymore. As a result, he made a suicidal attempt to end his life.

Two Types of Consciousness

It was his biggest failure. He went into isolation for 7 days. During which, he realized how the mind could start playing tricks. It could tell you that you need to do something.

“The brain wants productivity. It wants to say to itself to do something no matter what it is.” – Logan Tyler Nelson

There are two types of consciousness that happen in the brain. The one consciousness would say that “I’m thinking about thinking.” There is also another consciousness that is true to it that is trying to think about not thinking.

But the two voices in one’s head does not mean you are crazy. It presents an essence of being human.

Finding the Best Truth in Life

Logan shares that there may be one more voice and it is bringing up all the negativities. It could lead you to believe that you are ugly, that you are not enough, or that you are not funny around people.

But know they can be changed. Find the best truth. If you can flip those words around, it will allow you to give yourself the permission to save your passion and find your purpose.

The voices can drive you to the end. Put the word “feeling” and consider which ones are the most useful. It can be a game changer.

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