Matthew Turner Novel Escape for the Millennial Entrepreneur | Ep. 221

Matthew Turner

Matthew Turner is the author of The Successful Mistake. He inspires and helps millennial entrepreneurs to get on the path of freedom, happiness, and success.

“Successful people know what success means to them, whereas people who are still getting there usually fall off their own definition of success.” – Matthew Turner

Lessons from the Successful

Matthew Turner Novel Escape for the Millennial Entrepreneur | Ep. 221Matthew has met a lot of successful people over the course of his career. He saw how very different they were from those are just starting out. They know what success means to them.

By successful, he does not refer to those who are rich. He refers to those who are living happy, fulfilled, and smart lives. They don’t work hard.

Hustling as an Entrepreneur

In the beginning, it is unavoidable to get caught in the hustle. Someone has to do the work and make particular investments. But then people start to glorify the hustle.

“We start to see that the only way to succeed in life is to be working harder than everyone else.” – Matthew Turner

Successful people work smart. If they hustle, they do it because they need to. And if they could change something they’ve done in the beginning, that would be to stop the hustle soon.

Working Smarter, Not Harder

The hustle is not the end game but people treat it like that. It is not about working hard; it is about working smart. Successful people work less and earn more.

“The hustle is a means to an end.” – Matthew Turner

They want to outsource so that they can work smart and be strategic. Delegating tasks frees up their time and allows them to attend to other important things.

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