Matthew Pollard The Introvert's Edge in Sales | Ep. 213

Matthew Pollard

Matthew Pollard is a small business advocate, coach, and keynote speaker. Called by Forbes as the real deal, he’s stepped out of his way and helped transform more than 3500 struggling businesses.

“There’s a whole demographic of people out there that need to know that sales is possible for them.” – Matthew Pollard

Career in Sales

Matthew Pollard The Introvert's Edge in Sales | Ep. 213Before reaching the age of 30, Matthew was responsible for five multimillion-dollar businesses in Australia. Because of such an accomplishment, people would assume he had a strong personality. But in truth, he’s the exact opposite — an introvert.

He worked in the back office prior to those successes. It was not until the company he was working for was shut down. Christmas of the same year, he stepped outside his comfort zone and went door to door selling.

The Introvert’s Edge

That transition in his life was not easy. But he pushed beyond his boundaries and taught himself how to sell. As a result, he got promoted 7 times and later became an award-winning blogger.

“Because of automated systems I put in place, my business continued to rapidly grow during that time.” – Matthew Pollard

He also built an online academy and authored a book. He received positive reviews for his book. A number of them were from prestigious institutions and individuals including Harvard, Princeton, and Neil Patel.

The book was also listed as Book of the Week by Top Sales World. It is available in more than 600 retail stores across the US.

Book Writing and Publishing

How to write your own book? According to Matthew, it is easy to publish on Amazon. The key is to know your desired outcome.

“Writing a book, for me, was about creating something that would be able to help people for the long term.” – Matthew Pollard

Through the book, he is able to share his own journey and leave a lasting legacy. Many use books as a marketing tool with different end goals.

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