Michael Katz The "Likeable" Way to Attract Clients | Ep. 203

Michael Katz

Michael Katz is an award-winning humorist, former corporate marketer, author, and Founder of Blue Penguin Development. He helps small professional firms and entrepreneurs position themselves as Likeable Experts.

“Most of the people you interact with every day will never be in a position to hire you, but they’re in a position to tell people your value.” – Michael Katz

Goodbye to 9-to-5 Jobs

Michael Katz The "Likeable" Way to Attract Clients | Ep. 203Michael has an MBA from Boston University and a BA from McGill University in Montreal. He served as a marketer for 12 years with his last employer.

“The internet was so happening that if you had a job, you were missing out.” – Michael Katz

He never expected to work on his own. Life outside his typical 9-to-5 job was unimaginable. But one day he made the decision to leave and embrace entrepreneurship.

Marketing through Humor

The beginning proved rather challenging for Michael. He didn’t know exactly how to do business solo. Three years after, he still did not find his paycheck any better. But there were no regrets.

He started by writing newsletters to express how much he liked the internet. By and by, he added personality into it. It led him to discover the powerful combination of fun and valuable business information.

Being Likeable to a Niche Audience

Authenticity is a crucial element in marketing. As a coach, he helps others market their brands using understandable language.

“For word of mouth to work, people have to clearly understand what you do.” – Michael Katz

So, instead of using generic terms, one could actually use those that are specific and familiar to the audience. When people understand what the message is about, it’s easy for them to relay it to others. And it will be easy for them to like the brand that is being marketed.

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