Rocky Lalvani Secrets to Financial Freedom | Ep. 202

Rocky Lalvani

Rocky Lalvani has achieved financial success through automation, lower spend, negotiation, and risk reduction. But more importantly, he discovered happiness beyond monetary gain. Now, he helps others to know their purpose and to ultimately succeed in life.

“If we know what we’re doing and we can measure it, then you have success.” – Rocky Lalvani

The Habit of Paying Yourself First

Rocky Lalvani Secrets to Financial Freedom | Ep. 202Rocky has practiced the habit of paying himself first since he got his first job out of college. He would set aside a specific amount and put it in what he calls “automated buckets of money”.

“When you pay yourself first, you’ll naturally end up with wealth.” – Rocky Lalvani

These continued to increase despite the number of mistakes he’s had. In order to make it effective, he keeps a separate account that he doesn’t touch.

Changing for the Better

Rocky acknowledges the challenge that comes with changing a habit. It takes effort and discipline. But one thing is sure and that is this: one’s spending does keep up with one’s income.

“Even as your income grows, your spending keeps going along with it.” – Rocky Lalvani

Putting money aside before you even see it is one way of addressing the challenge. You can put your raise in your bucket or start by saving only 1%. Change can be done by taking small yet deliberate steps.

How to Start Saving Money

To those who are intent on following the process, one good way to start is by putting your money where it is hard to touch. Examples are 401k or a savings account. The idea is to collect money instead of pouring it in.

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