Nick Kullin

Nick Kullin is a growth hacking digital marketer. He specializes in helping business owners accelerate their marketing efforts with a lean marketing budget.

“99 percent of opportunities are missed not because [people’s] minds are closed but because their eyes are closed.” – Nick Kullin

Business Success at a Young Age

185 Nick Kullin Growth Hacking Companies Through Digital MarketingNick is a fearless and eccentric entrepreneur. He was 17 years old when he lived on his own. His diligence paid off when at the age of 25, he already established his own agency and received a number of accolades.

His coaching academy, Second Flight Consultancy, provides an 8-week growth hacking and marketing training program.

Breakaway Moment

What was the turning point that led Nick to the success he has now? A week before his 18th birthday, he was kicked out of their home. He sat at Penn Station feeling down and broken.

“Whatever you decide to do right now is what’s going to happen at the end.” – Nick Kullin on facing a crossroad

When the people he knew thought that he was going to be a complete failure, he made a decision to move forward in life. The experience gave him a sense of clarity as to the direction he wanted to go.

Forward Ever, Backward Never

Nick did not allow fear to destroy him. He discusses how most people allow fear to keep them from making a move.

“Fear could either cripple you or it could strengthen you.” – Nick Kullin

This applies to everyone, including employees and business owners. Many don’t take the chance because they fear the unknown.

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