Peter Lisoskie

Peter Lisoskie was a highly successful mechanical engineer that worked for major corporations, seeing the world, earning a fantastic living, living in Hawaii and seeing the world. He had his aha moment aboard a 747 trans-Pacific flight realizing if he didn’t make a change, his boys would grow up without him. Find out the story behind this engineer turned successful entrepreneur and how he’s turning the marketing world upside down with his chatbot marketing tool!

“Now is the time to get in as an early adopter. Get in the Chatbot Nation because you don’t want to get left behind in this megatrend.” – Peter Lisoskie

Leaving Corporate America

164 Peter Lisoskie Chatbot Customer Engagement Technology to Build Your BusinessPeter took a short term job as a technical recruiter. He’s got a background in mechanical engineering but he’s now got to learn about software engineering. Peter was still trying to figure out what he wanted to do but he knew he did not want to return to the corporate world.

“We’re letting people take their own journey…while creating a humanized and entertaining experience.” – Peter Lisoskie on Relationship Experience Technology

Peter bought a small franchise, built it up and sold it for $5M. He’s since built a successful wellness franchise and has built that with his girlfriend. More recently he stumbled onto what Peter thinks is a once in a lifetime megatrend.

The Next Big Megatrend

Peter follows megatrends. Everyone can relate to “the one that got away” or “I should’ve taken advantage of that”.  His first experience was the beginning of domain names around 1995. He wishes he would’ve bought them for .95. Like that just sold for over $35M!

What is a Chatbot?

A chatbot provides a way for people to immediately engage with your business. Whatever they want to get, chatbots can be there for them 24/7. They enable a more personalized experience. It’s a gateway to your next great CRM experience.

“This is a megatrend, this is something that is not going away.” – Peter Lisoskie

How Can You Use a Chatbot?

Peter is super excited about chatbots. These are not the “chats” you experience with “instant” help on some web sites that are available from 8 am to 5 pm EST. These are interactive bots that you can use 24/7 for e-commerce, content delivery, customer service and the potential is massive.

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