Phil Singleton

Phil Singleton is a best-selling author and entrepreneur. He created SEO for Growth, a comprehensive certification program for marketers, entrepreneurs and web designers.

“Figure out who the ideal client is at first then try and figure out how those people search for things on the internet.” – Phil Singleton

From Finance to SEO

175 Phil Singleton SEO Expert CertificationPhil spent three years working with an insurance company. Afterward, he traveled to Asia where he studied Chinese and worked for a venture capital firm. He also met his lovely wife there.

Eventually, they returned to the US where he ended up working with a software company. His experiences exposed him to the world of search engine optimization.

Where the Trail of ROI Led

Phil saw the power of SEO while he was still in Asia. They were doing affiliate marketing that time. He was amazed how even with few work hours, people are still able to earn a good amount.

“If you really want to do well at SEO, at the end of the day, everything comes back to the website.” – Phil Singleton

He shares the importance of having a website asset. Also, it is important to understand how things work. (Sidenote: Here’s a list of SEO tools recommended by experts.)

Getting the Real Deal

What do websites need to generate conversions? This is one of the common concerns among website owners.

“Everybody out there that’s looking for something usually is looking for some kind of a tactical band-aid.” – Phil Singleton

According to Phil, people may be looking for a social media manager or a web developer. But at the end of the day, it is the strategies that they’re looking for to keep their business running.

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