Sheri Fitts Creating Meaningful Client Experiences | Ep. 218

Sheri Fitts

Sheri Fitts is an award-winning graphic designer who founded the marketing firm ShoeFitts. She mainly helps financial services firms market their brands and make it in the digital arena.

“People buy from people this formal relationship that is still critical but it is not the words you choose – it’s the human being that you are.” – Sheri Fitts

Career in the Financial Services

Sheri Fitts Creating Meaningful Client Experiences | Ep. 218Sheri started in the financial services industry as a graphic designer. As she was creating materials for people to help them understand their 401k plans, she ended up becoming the leader.

They had lost their last salesperson who would sell those materials. Two colleagues gave her the idea of selling the materials herself instead of hiring people to sell them. That started her career in marketing.

She left the corporate world and started her own company ShoeFitts Marketing.

Testing & Branding in Marketing

Sheri loves marketing. She has an email engine that she can use to split test subject lines. She once split tested an email with a “WTF” subject line in one and a “What the Font” in the other.

“You need to kind of get that the world is changing. You need to be more transparent, authentic, and vulnerable, and your branding should reflect that.” – Sheri Fitts

Doing so allows her to determine which article has the better headline, and gives her idea of the best way to share it on her website and on social media.

Biggest Hurdle in the Financial Services

She wrote an article called The Trouble with Turtles. In the financial services world, everybody’s a turtle. In some ways, people tend to brag about it.

But Millennials have been born with remote controls in the hands. The challenge with some companies is that they think they are doing fine in their marketing.

They choose to keep the formalities including in areas of design and marketing.

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