Tommy Breedlove

Tommy Breedlove’s mission in life is to help individuals, leaders and organizations increase their positive impact on the world while gaining meaning and attaining financial success.

“Happiness is something inside of you; it’s a choice in life. Serve and love yourself before you serve others.” – Tommy Breedlove

Participate in Your Own Rescue

Tommy Breedlove Inspiring Success | Ep. 198What does it mean to participate in your own rescue? Tommy’s journey in life is unlike any other. He went from being a troubled teenager to an inspiring adult.

“If you fall out of the boat, you got to participate in your own rescue.” – whitewater guide

He spent his 19th birthday in jail and struggled with a crumbling marriage. Looking back, his life was like a one way street to destruction. But these changed when he made the decision to wake up and refocus his life.

Forward Ever to Success

From being the most disliked person in their accounting firm, Tommy stepped up the ladder to becoming one of the Board of Directors. According to him, success came in more easily when he became honest with himself and others. It takes courage to transform one’s life to do the right things.

Inspiration to Choose Goodness

The happiness that Tommy achieved from within now radiates in all of his life. People around him wonder how it is even possible.

“When I just started living my truth, I went from Junior Partner to Senior Partner to International Practice Leader to [being] elected to the Board of Directors of this large firm at 38 years old — [all these] just by doing the right thing.” – Tommy Breedlove

He founded the Choose Goodness Movement that encourages clear, concise, and courageous decisions. Through his talks and mentorships, he is also helping people find their true life’s meaning without compromising their values.

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