Ulli Appelbaum Brand Success in a Constantly Evolving Society | Ep. 219

Ulli Appelbaum

Ulli Appelbaum is an independent brand consultant and marketing strategist. His company First the Trousers is helping brands compete and grow in a constantly evolving society.

“At the core, I think it might be about understanding what people do with the brand and how most of the brands out there are also like opportunities for self-expression.” – Ulli Appelbaum

From Germany to the USA

Ulli Appelbaum Brand Success in a Constantly Evolving Society | Ep. 219Years ago, their family decided to move to the US and look for job opportunities. Ulli started his own business instead and applied what he learned from big corporations.

He had a background in advertising and brand consulting. He worked for some of the global agencies. When he came to the US, he offered his services to a variety of clients.

What is a brand?

Many people often misunderstand what a brand is. For Ulli, the core of a brand is the sum of the perception an audience might have about a specific offering. That offering can be a product, service, political ideology, or anything else.

“The type of experiences a company offers, the type of experiences consumers make, and the way society speaks about your brand are ultimately the things that shape the way someone feels about a specific offering.” – Ulli Appelbaum

All the input create a perception that is either aligned with one’s belief system or not. It is basically what makes a brand per se.

The objective of the person owning the product is to try to manage his perception as much as he can. Also, he needs a clear vision of what he wants the brand to be.

How to understand a brand?

Everything that a company does it to try to shape that perception. In helping companies understand their brand, Ulli encourages two things. One is to capture their DNA.

“One of the big shifts we’ve seen in the last ten years is that it’s less about you as a company or as a brand but more about people and their self-expression and what they are trying to convey about themselves.” – Ulli Appelbaum

It tells about who they are, what they’re trying to do, and what their essence really is. The other thing is to understand their audience. It asks, “Who are your audience and what is important to them?”

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