How to Attract the Right Virtual Assistant

How to Attract the Right Virtual Assistant

It is no secret that the outsourcing industry is full of aspiring and skilled individuals who are just waiting for the right opportunity. But when an opportunity for work does come, they sometimes shy away. What could possibly go wrong with an open position? Here’s how to attract the right virtual assistant.

The Right Place to Look for a Virtual Assistant

Last year, The iLabour Project launched the first economic indicator called The Online Labour Index. It seeks to measure the supply and demand of jobs online.

As of July 2017, Asia ranks in the lead with more than 60 percent of the market share. It covers six major areas of expertise:

  • Software development and technology
  • Sales and marketing support
  • Professional services
  • Creative and multimedia
  • Writing and translation
  • Clerical and data entry

Laborers exist around the world, and every country has its job specialties. When looking for the right virtual assistant, specific factors can be considered. Among which are the applicant’s skill set, work experience, educational background, flexibility, outstanding qualities, and a reliable internet connection.

Here’s what you can do to attract the right virtual assistant:

1. Be Clear about Your Business

Authenticity. It is the most important thing that aspiring virtual assistants look for in a client. With so many bogus entities online, they want to make sure that they will be dealing with someone truthful.

Virtual assistants are also business owners. They own their skills and work hard to advance their career. The fact that they aren’t working in a traditional workplace does not necessarily mean that they don’t have the skills.

As business owners, they also look for authentic connections and opportunities. Just as clients want virtual assistants to be honest, provide quality work, and respect their business, VAs also want the same from clients.

Someone once said, “When you show up authentic, you create the space for others to do the same.”

Many aspiring VAs have the skills and would be willing to adjust when a good opportunity comes. To attract the right virtual assistant, be clear about your business.

On your job posting, let applicants know who you are and what you are up to. Give them the opportunity to know you better. You can include links to your website and social media, your mission and vision, or simply state the industry you are in along with your name.

2. Set Clear Expectations

What job are you offering? What are the responsibilities it involves? Aspiring virtual assistants want to know the specifics of an open position.

“I want a clear job description so that I will know whether I can do the job or not. This is because I also don’t want to be embarrased during the interview or when I am already hired,” an online worker said in a survey

Set clear expectations to help them discern whether they can fill in the job. Those who will apply to your offer are most likely the ones who view themselves as qualified. On your job posting, specify the:

  • Responsibilities – What are the responsibilities involved? What specific skills or qualities in a virtual assistant does it require?
  • Work Schedule – How many hours in a week do you need the virtual assistant to complete the job? Which time of the day is the regular work schedule? Does it require a VA to report daily?
  • Salary and Payout Schedule – How much are you willing to pay? How often and when is the payout? You may choose to talk about this in the interview instead, but sometimes applicants find it helpful to know about this already in the job description. They want to know immediately if it matches their pay rate.
  • Type of Employment – Is it a full-time position? Is it part-time, contractual, on a commission basis, or piece per rate perhaps?

3. Be Willing to Negotiate

There are different reasons why people decide to work online from the comforts of their home. It could be because they are looking for their version of happiness, longing to be more productive at work, or desire to have a better pay.

But whatever those reasons are, people will always want to deal with those who are open to answering specific concerns. Two of the things that can be discussed are:

  • Salary
  • Work Schedule

Sometimes you would find an applicant who has the skills and qualities you desire but not the time to complete the job. There could also be times when you find someone who can work very well on specific responsibilities but has yet to master the others.

Consider the pros and cons available.

Negotiation helps you know an applicant better—his interests, personality, and motivation. You can look back to the reason why you are hiring, and consider whether you can make small adjustments to your preferences. The right virtual assistant could just be right in front of your eyes.


The right virtual assistant will apply to you when he sees that he is perfect for the job. He has the skills and is confident enough to deliver quality performance and results.

It may take awhile sometimes to find that person. Looking for a needle in a haystack is not totally easy. The process requires patience and the ability to discern whether you’ve already found the right one.

There could also be times when the right person for the job will arrive unexpectedly. You can prepare yourself for any kind of surprise by making sure you are ready to hire.

Are you clear about the nature of your business? Do you understand the expectations you’ve set? Will you be willing to negotiate when necessary?

We hope you learned something new on How to Attract the Right Virtual Assistant.

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