Renewing B2B Operations through Custom Software in the age of SaaS with Ian Robinson | Live with Bottleneck

LWB_Wordpress Ian Robinson live with bottleneck

On this special episode of Live With Bottleneck, our guest Ian Robinson talks to Gordon McDougall about renewing B2B Operations through custom software in the age of SaaS. Through software integration, he developed a highly functional system for professional services firms from construction to accounting. Ian Robinson is the founder of Enliven. He builds custom…

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7-Figure Agency: How to Create a 7-Figure EBITDA Agency with Phil Singleton, SEO Expert | Live with Bottleneck

SEO Phil Singleton

On this special episode of Live with Bottleneck, our guest Phil Singleton talks about how to create a 7-digit EBITDA agency. EBITDA means Earnings Before Interest Taxes Depreciation and Amortization. Seems like a lot of words but our guest will be able to discuss it in detail. Phil Singleton is brilliant and can answer questions…

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